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Teaching Yourself To Sing: Is it Possible?

Posted on 26th February 2016 in Learn to sing

Can You Really Teach Yourself To Sing? When many of us hear our favorite song playing we can’t help but want to turn up the volume and start singing along. We’re in the zone and no matter what the band is, we will give it our best shot at supporting them with our accompanying lyrics. We may […]

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Overcoming Stage Fright – 10 Simple Tips

Posted on 31st December 2014 in Learn to sing

Beating Stage Fright Do you suffer from stage fright? Is there a way to overcome your fear of singing in public? There are probably very few if any singers, who will admit that they don’t get ‘butterflies in their tummy’ before performing. Fear and nervousness are a bad combination to any singer. Let’s face it, […]

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How to Sing in Key

Posted on 16th October 2014 in Learn to sing, Vocal exercises

When learning how to sing in key, you’ll notice two particular things you really need to keep in mind. To begin with, it’s essential to make sure that you’re achieving the appropriate notes, and second, you want to make certain you will be singing songs that are within your vocal range.    You can easily perform […]

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Learn To Sing Karaoke

Posted on 24th August 2014 in Learn to sing

 Learn to sing Karaoke   Who invented Karaoke? How do you properly pronounce it? Do know where the first American Karaoke bar was? What are the 5 points you need to remember in order to learn to sing like a Karaoke Superstar? Find out the answers to these and many other interesting facts about every […]

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How to Sing High Notes Without Causing Strain

Posted on 9th August 2014 in Learn to sing, Vocal range

Singing High Notes Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to pull off a few high notes like Steve Perry or Ariana Grande? Two incredible singing ranges. Learning how to sing higher can be a real challenge for many. Have you spent a considerable amount of time and work trying to expand your range in order […]

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Learn How to Sing Better

Posted on 14th July 2014 in Learn to sing, Singing lessons, Voice lessons

How To Sing Better Answering the question of how to sing better really depends on what your goals are and where your current level of ability lies. This discussion of course is dealing with newer singers looking to get better. In becoming a better singer, you’ll need to start with what you know and what […]

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What Is Your Vocal Range?

Posted on 23rd June 2014 in Learn to sing, Vocal range, Vocal training

 What Is Vocal Range? Vocal range refers to all of the notes from lowest to highest pitches a singer can reach including all the notes in between. Moving through the various vocal registers as the pitch increases or decreases. Compared to a trained professional singer, most of us are a bit limited in our range. […]

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How To Improve Your Singing Tone

Posted on 16th April 2014 in Learn to sing, Tone, Vocal training

Improve Your Singing Tone And Resonance Improving your singing tone will depend on your understanding of the components that make up good tone and what produces bad tone. Tone is described as, “a musical or vocal sound with reference to its pitch, quality, and strength.” according to Tone or timbre (which is the quality […]

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Can Anyone Learn To Sing?

Posted on 19th March 2014 in Learn to sing

Who Can Learn To Sing? Is it strictly a roll of the “genetic dice” that decides who can sing or can anyone learn to sing? The results are in and the good news is that according to professor of music education Joanne Rutkowski, “Everyone who can speak can learn to use a singing voice”.   This is […]

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