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What Is Your Vocal Range?

Posted on 23rd June 2014 in Learn to sing, Vocal range, Vocal training

 What Is Vocal Range? Vocal range refers to all of the notes from lowest to highest pitches a singer can reach including all the notes in between. Moving through the various vocal registers as the pitch increases or decreases. Compared to a trained professional singer, most of us are a bit limited in our range. […]

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How To Improve Your Singing Tone

Posted on 16th April 2014 in Learn to sing, Tone, Vocal training

Improve Your Singing Tone And Resonance Improving your singing tone will depend on your understanding of the components that make up good tone and what produces bad tone. Tone is described as, “a musical or vocal sound with reference to its pitch, quality, and strength.” according to Tone or timbre (which is the quality […]

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Which Singing Voice Type Are You?

Posted on 20th March 2014 in Vocal training, Voice lessons, Voice types

The Different Singing Voice Types   In an earlier discussion, we mentioned the importance of identifying which singing voice type you have. High, low, or mid range? It’s a little more complicated than that, but we will do our best to make sense of it all as we go. It is important to note the […]

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8 Vocal Techniques To A Better Voice

Posted on 18th March 2014 in Vocal exercises, Vocal training

All of us have a singing voice, but not everyone has developed proper vocal techniques in order to be sure where to find or how to use that voice.  Not convinced? Head out to a Karaoke Bar one evening. Chances are you’ll witness a variety of passionate singers out there. All of them showing their […]

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