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Benefits of Online Singing Lessons

Posted on 15th August 2014 in Singing lessons, Voice lessons

  Online Singing Lessons and You So you want to learn how to sing better but it may be that finding or even being able to afford a local voice teacher is a bit out of your reach. A convenient and economical option for you may be to consider online singing lessons. This very website […]

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Learn How to Sing Better

Posted on 14th July 2014 in Learn to sing, Singing lessons, Voice lessons

How To Sing Better Answering the question of how to sing better really depends on what your goals are and where your current level of ability lies. This discussion of course is dealing with newer singers looking to get better. In becoming a better singer, you’ll need to start with what you know and what […]

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Vocal Exercises Part 1: Stretches

Posted on 28th March 2014 in Vocal exercises, Voice lessons

Vocal Exercises To Stretch It Out! Remember that your voice is a highly delicate, irreplaceable instrument. Proper care is needed so that fatigue, strain and, injury can be avoided.  Before you begin any of your practice sessions, it is strongly encouraged that you warm up your body in order to be effective and comfortable as […]

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Which Singing Voice Type Are You?

Posted on 20th March 2014 in Vocal training, Voice lessons, Voice types

The Different Singing Voice Types   In an earlier discussion, we mentioned the importance of identifying which singing voice type you have. High, low, or mid range? It’s a little more complicated than that, but we will do our best to make sense of it all as we go. It is important to note the […]

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