How to Sing on Key

  • September 11, 2019

For some singers its as natural as speaking but for many others it can be a challenge to sing on key. Singing in the correct key has a direct corelation to singing with correct pitch. So, from hear we will be referring to our key as pitch. Have no fear. There is no reason to despair because it is possible to develop your ability to hear the notes and sing them back in the right key.

There are a combination of reasons that can cause us to sing off pitch including something as basic as our posture, our level of focus, as well as taking the time to train your ears and vocal apparatus to work in harmony with simple to learn exercises.

What is Pitch?

Quite simply, pitch is a frequency of sound produced by an instrument or human voice in the case of music, whether it be high or low. When speaking or singing we control our vocal cords to change frequencies in the notes we sing by allowing air to pass across our vocal cords as we apply varying degrees of resistance. 

As we loosen the note get lower and as we tighten the notes get higher. The key is to recreate the notes we here in a song while maintaining a nice tone and remaing in time. We might illustrate this by thinking of a guitar string. The tighter we wind the string the higher the pitch and vica versa. As we restrict the air flowing across our vocal cords causing them to vibrate faster increasing pitch. Th opposite is also true. 

Scales & Singing Pitch

Developing good pitch in order for us to sing in key can be achieved by the use of a Major scale. A scale is a succession of notes that follow a specific order according to their pitch which can move both ascending (moving up) and discending (moving down). One of the common scales to start with is the C Major scale  because it is one of the 12 major scales that has has no sharps or flats and can be easily played on most instruments.

Posture & Pitch

One of the important parts to great singing pitch is air support. Be able to allow the right amount of air to flow across our vocal cords is vital to singing in key. It starts with grounding ourself with our feet about shoulder width apart, leaning back on our ankles. Our spine should be straight while we relax our shoulders. Next, we hold our head up as if held by a string as we keep our jaw loose and take full breaths. Don't allow your head to drop otherwise you will pinch your airway. Remember that tension is your enemy, so stay chill.

Ear Training & Imagination

This part requires you to go into your own head. You need to hear and learn individual notes on the scale before working through a full scale. This is where an instrument that is preferably already in tune like a portable keyboard. If you choose to start in C major. First hear the note than try and imagine hearing it in your mind. The idea is to allow the note to assimilate. The next part is being able to sing back the same pitch. Now hit the key and try matching it with your voice. Don't worry if you are flat or sharp at first. Try and feel your way to the note until you get it by making small adjustments. There are other ways to to this as the video below offers further advice.

10 Tips For Learning To Sing In Key

01 Find the most comfortable key.

Be certain the song is located in a key for which you can sing without working too hard. Consider the song’s scale by locating the lowest together with the highest notes. Make sure those are notes that you’ll be able to sing effortlessly.

02 Don’t strain to reach the notes.

Assuming you have to strain to attain the notes in any song, you are notsinging in the correct key. It is possible to seriously hurt your voice should you so choose this, which means you prefer to stay away from it at all costs.

03 Attempt the song in numerous keys.

Sing the same song in different keys to find out which key works best for you. Go for the key you will be most confident singing, that will be the right one with your voice.

04 Trust your ears.

Research shows that only 2% of people are actually tone deaf, which implies you will probably have the capacity to tell if you are off key. Thusfocus on yourself while you sing so you’re able to realize when you’re in the right key.

0​5 Record your voice singing

You also should record yourself while you sing allowing you to find out if you are staying on key throughout the song. Have a look at each note in order to isolate your problem areas.

06 Sing with music.

Play a keyboard or even perhaps a guitar when you sing to see when you are on or off key.  Make tweaks to make sure you will hit the proper pitch whenever you are singing.

07 Try harmonizing.

Have a shot at harmonizing with a different personEach time you harmonize with a decent singer, it’s going to be easier for you to notice when you find yourself hitting or missing your notes. Ask someone else to sing along with you to enable you to find your key.

08 Establish the correct key.

Make sure to confirm the key all the way through the entire song. Many people begin on key after which they go off key, so you really should try to review your pitch throughout the entire song. Using this methodyou can try to make adjustments if needed.

09 Sing with a friend.

Do you know anyone that sings pretty well? They may be able to listen to yousing. If they have a decent ear they should be able to tell you when you are too high or too low when trying to reach specific notes.

 10 Software programs.

Make full use of software to determine your key. There are plenty of software options online. They can be used to ensure you are matching your voice with the key you’re singing in, and then come up with enhancements to enable you to hit the required notes throughout the song. It is highly recommended that you invest in a pitch analyzer application, especially when you are first learning to sing.

Use Your Options

Singers have variety of options they can use to establish if they’re singing in the right key. It’s a good option to use all of them so you may stay in tune as you are practicing and performing. Then, you are likely to get to the point where you will automatically identify if you are on or off key.

After whichit will be possible to make enhancements automaticallyso you’ll hardly ever stay out of key for very longAt which time you understand that you are a real singer and you are clearly readyto give good results.