Learn To Sing Karaoke

Posted on 24th August 2014 in Learn to sing

 Learn to sing Karaoke


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Who invented Karaoke? How do you properly pronounce it? Do know where the first American Karaoke bar was? What are the 5 points you need to remember in order to learn to sing like a Karaoke Superstar? Find out the answers to these and many other interesting facts about every singers chance to fearlessly take the stage in front of all.

As many are aware of Karaoke originated in Japan. The meaning is taken from two words. Kara which means “empty” and oke meaning “orchestra“. The proper pronunciation in English is carry-okie, but sounds more like calla-okay in Japan. It’s slang for prerecorded music replacing live music. It’s full band sound, but the band is invisible. Just the singer(s).

It’s been around in Asia since the early 1960’s, but did not become popular for the rest of the world until the 90s. The first Karaoke bar in the U.S. was claimed to be in Burbank, California, in lounge called Dimples. Originally they would make you dress up in a costume and wig for your performance. Sound like fun?

The 5 Points Of Karaoke


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  • Fake It Till You Make It – Karaoke or in some cases ‘Scary-Okie‘ is all about spontaneity. Tossing the ego and letting’er rip is key. When you forget the words, you keep going like a champ. Test your courage: sing a song you’ve never heard before and wing it. There goes all seriousness and the fun begins.


  • Master The Cover Song – It’s nothing new for a musician to cover a song. Think of it as paying respect to the music you love. It gives back the star power to the average Joe. Sing it like you own it.


  • Flaunt Your Personal Style – Remember to sing it with your own style. Who or what do you represent? Show it off baby! I mean dance, writhe, or shake what your mamma gave you, whatever it takes to entertain your audience.


  • Be Democratic – Don’t judge others or ever compare yourself to anyone. It’s not a contest. It’s all in fun. If someone does boo you or compliments you, take it with grace. No need to take it too seriously. If you feel tempted, try:


  • Feeling The Buzz – Drinking certainly isn’t mandatory, but if you’re legal, it may be the oil the keeps the gears turning. A little liquid courage  may loosen you up and help you forget about – stage fright. But be responsible!


Give It A Try?

Karaoke is about getting together, and appreciating the voices of our friends and other passionate singing voices.  If you haven’t given it a try. Why not learn to sing Karaoke and watch your inner star emerge? Call a group of friends and head out to your local Karaoke Bar.

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