Benefits of Online Singing Lessons

Posted on 15th August 2014 in Singing lessons, Voice lessons

online singing lessons


Online Singing Lessons and You

So you want to learn how to sing better but it may be that finding or even being able to afford a local voice teacher is a bit out of your reach.

A convenient and economical option for you may be to consider online singing lessons.

This very website offers some free online singing tips and techniques to get you started.

If you are looking for a lean to sing home studt courses, we recommend some very affordable, high quality instruction to help you achieve your singing goals.

When choosing an online singing course, it is suggested that you try using the same criteria or preferences you would use to choose an in-person teacher. For example: learning to sing harmony or improving your singing tone may be important to you.

The first thing you will need to do is:

Define your singing goals

Which styles or genres of music do you prefer singing? Will you be using a microphone? Are you planning to sing in public–church, bars/nightclubs (karaoke), musical theater, or in a choir?

There are a wide variety of options when choosing online singing lessons. Really, your choice will solely depend on what you want to learn.  For instance, if you are interested in a comprehensive education in music history and theory, combined with vocal technique, there are options for that.

Other programs tend to focus more specifically on performance aspects, such as developing better tone and resonance, as well as stage presence, and learning to emotional interpret songs.

One important consideration is deciding whether or not you will be using microphones and speakers in order to amplify your sound. You’ll find that some courses won’t teach you how to properly project your voice without it. It is much better to learn the skill to sing and project without a microphone, but if you are faced with singing into one, it’s not too difficult to adjust your volume accordingly.

Conversely, if you strictly depend on a sound system (depending on the venue) and the sound system fails, you may have a problem on your hands!

Cost vs Value

cost vs value

Price wise – any of the most effective online singing courses will equal the same cost as ten to twelve in-person lessons. In fact , the Singorama discussed below is presently on sale for 50% off the regular price. For more details please click here. Included is both guided audio lessons and text material that break down and explain in simple terms, the principles and the benefits of the exercises.

Two of the most highly recommended singing programs are Superior Singing Method by Aaron Anastasi and Singorama by Emily Mander.

In the beginning of each course you will learn how the human voice works and how to improve it, as well as the important fundamentals such as: your posture and breath support, tone placement and quality. Not to mention a variety of warm-up exercises to prepare your voice and body for maximum results.

Although you may be tempted to skip the “boring” parts like breathing exercises or mouth shapes, and get straight to the fun stuff. But just remember the importance of a solid foundation. Your vocal range, stamina, and quality all starts with learning and developing these necessary skills. So be careful not to shortchange yourself. Otherwise you won’t get your money’s worth from the course. Like professional athletes who cannot afford to skip the fundamentals in order to be the best, the same holds true with improving your singing voice.

Commit to Yourself

singing commitment

When working with an online program, it’s important to remain focused, as you will not have the luxury of having an actual person taking you by the hand step by step. Your only accountability is to yourself. There are no deadlines and no pressure. This can be good and bad. The key is to set realistic goals and if you work well without close supervision, that can be a good thing.

Some find that lack of support can be a challenge among all online singing courses. With in-person lessons, the teacher can suggest alternate exercises if a particular one doesn’t work for you. Fortunately though, there are several exercises within these courses that you can choose to develop first, and confidently progress to the ones that in the beginning seemed difficult.

Another obstacle to online singing courses is that you can’t get immediate feedback on your technique or your progress. This is due to our ears being located so near to our vocal tract, we end up hearing our own “inner” sounding voice transmitted through our skull and sinus cavities, not through air as a microphone or listener would receive it.

There is however an easy solution to this. Begin recording yourself and play it back. This will allow you to compare your sound with the audio examples in the lessons. If it seems a little difficult to objectively judge your own voice, ask a friend to give his or her honest opinion. Another option is to post a video of your singing on YouTube and see what kind of comments people leave. Caution. Be prepared for anything from down right mean to awesome recommendations.

Being completely open and honest with yourself about your areas in need of improvement, recording your progress, and especially setting and holding to specific goals. You will greatly benefit from online singing lessons.  Happy singing!