How To Sing Like Ariana Grande?

Posted on 30th June 2016 in Singing styles

Singing Like Ariana Grande


There’s no question that Ariana Grande has an amazing voice. Some have even compared her vocal range to that of Mariah Carey, who debuted with her whistle voice during the 1990s.

But for now, Ariana leads a new generation of incredibly powerful and flexible singers on today’s stage. Having both the commitment and skills that have led to her massive success in both music and acting.

As you may remember, she was originally known for her role as “Cat” Valentine on the teen hit show Victorious, which aired on Nickelodeon in July 2011.

Miss Valentine played the sister of Tori Vega better known as Victoria Justice. The sisters attended a Hollywood Arts school in which the actors would literally showcase their singing and other performing talents. As top entertainers should.

Especially in the Episode called iParty with Victorious, where Cat (performed by Grande) demonstrated her incredible vocal range on live television. A sign of things to come? I think so.

But you’re not here for a history lesson. You want to now how to sing like her. It would be nice to turn down the volume and hear yourself sounding like her.

First of all, remember that she is a trained singer with a vocal range from E♭3–B5–E7.

But it is possible to learn certain songs like My Everything or Dangerous Woman and actually sound good.

We all have a unique voice, but with that being said our voice can be trained if we are willing to learn singing tips, techniques and we practice.

7 Ways To Sing Like Ariana Grande

Below are a few tips on how to teach yourself to sing like Ariana Grande:

1. The best way to do this is to just relax. This may sound too simple, but you want to allow good air flow by keeping your jaw loose and relaxed when exhaling the words.

2. Understanding the correct use of vowels will also help you match the sound you are looking for. As the idea is to incorporate belting while the vowels keep everything forward. Instead of pronouncing the words as in the song, relax that jaw and say the words with your mouth open wider.

3. Breath Support is an important component to banging out those higher notes like she does in her songs. The tempo is so fast and the notes are so high, it requires a reservoir of air to sustain the notes without sounding weak or flat. Train yourself to take short quick breaths in between.

4. Belting is another big part of singing like Ariana Grande. But, be careful of belting incorrectly. You can seriously damage your voice if you do not learn the right techniques. You want to use a forward resonance mixed with your chest voice. (Explanation in video below)

5. Learn how to do riffing. It’s when you move up and down on a note with a loud, catchy and energetic nature. A quick bend from up to down and up again.

6. Strengthen Your Vocal Apparatus. Before rushing into an attempt to stretch a bit out of your range, why not learn how to build a solid voice through instruction. You can get so much further and sound so much better when you learn the skills needed to sing like a star.

7. Know Your Lyrics because of the style and tempo of most of her songs, you need to not only memorize all the words but how they are sung with the rhythm. The stops & gos in the song.


Aaron explains a couple of tricks to help you on your way to sounding like Ariana




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