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Please feel free to explore the many options that are available for those of you who prefer to learn to sing at home.

We have listed some of the most popular and successful vocal training programs that you can find on the web.

Choose from courses on singing lessons, ear training, vocal workouts, mastering harmony, songwriting, and more. Not to mention the different mediums for you to learn from including books, videos, and audio.

Online Singing Courses (Audio/Video)



If you’re the type of person that learns better from listening or observing, then you’d likely be interested in a video or audio program.

Singing Success

brettmanBrett Manning, 24-year veteran singing coach, and creator of the Singing Success Vocal Training System that offers a number video programs and voice coaching sessions that has helped hundreds of thousands of singers in over 164 countries around the world.

Brett is no ordinary voice coach. He has worked with megastars like Miley Cyrus, Kieth Urban, Taylor Swift, Hayley Williams, and many others.

Brett’s most popular program, Singing Success 360 covers a long range of genres including, Rock, Blues, Jazz, Pop, Country, R&B, Musical Theatre, Gospel, Classical, and Folk.

Learn how to improve your range including higher and lower notes of the scale with ease. You’ll learn better control, pitch, and tone while eliminating strain.

Finally, a program that’s not only about techniques and exercises, but focusses on style and artistry. Addressing all parts that make up the voice in one complete method.

Tailored to male and female singers, for all ages including kids. Enjoy the benefits of a voice coach for the fraction of the price of private lessons. Hit the “Learn More Button” below!



Superior Singing Method

aaron-anastasi-2-300x300The Superior Singing Method is the product child of the very successful and highly acclaimed vocal coach, Aaron Anastasi.

Entering the music industry at the young age of 18, Anastasi was slowly inspired to develop his ultimate how to sing program over the course of many years and experiences with top professionals in his field.

Aaron holds the record for the #1 singing lesson channel on YouTube, over 11.5 million organic views and over 130 thousand subscribers total on his three channels.

From this kind of following, it is clear that many have benefitted from his superior vocal instruction. The course is designed to first and foremost..build confidence in your voice.

Click the link to below and watch a free singing tips video and begin improving your singing.



melanieMelanie Alexander, experienced vocal coach, as well as gold and platinum album singer, has put together a program for learning how to sing better by only spending 15 minutes per day.

The course promises real improvements to your singing voice by means of its cutting edge vocal tuning calisthenics.

This can enable you to extend your vocal range and hit those higher notes you’ve been struggling with.


You will learn proper execution of singing exercises and techniques including warm-up, breathing, how to sing vibrato and more.

Join the hundreds of happy singers who have improved their voice by means of Singorama by clicking on the picture below for more details.


Mastering Harmony

Why is it that there are those singers who can listen to a song for the very first time and can immediately begin singing along in harmony?

Some of us can feel a bit lost and confused as to why we can’t seem to harmonize so easily when attempting to sing along.

Is there a simple way of learning how to sing harmony that virtually anyone can learn? Yes.

The Mastering Singing Harmony program has easy to follow voice lessons that can make it possible for virtually anyone, anywhere, to learn how to sing harmony by utilizing simple proven voice training methods.

Click below to find out how.